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Stainless Steel Multi Media POE Filter

Stainless Steel Multi Media POE Filter

  • 100% SUS304 Stainless Steel body C/W
    1.2mm thickness & food grade material
  • 10 years warranty on bod

Model 1042
Vessel Size 10"x42"e4facb
Valve Size 3/4"
Diameter 10"
Overall Height 42"
Max. Working Presure 10 Bar
Max. Working Temperature 2 ~ 50.C
Flow Rate 1900 - 2200 LPM


Model and Major Parametres
Product MU117-1.5TPipeline Ultra-filtration Water System
Model MU117-1.5T
Rated flow of purified water 1.5m3/h
Referenced total flow of purified water 500m3/h
Applicable water temperature 4-38c
Applicable water Tap water
Water quality of effluent water Conforming to and partially superior the Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water(2001)
Packing size (mm) 670(L) X 195(W) X 205(H)
Net weight (kg) 5.4
Gross weight (kg) 6.2

Using 0.01um ulta-filtration membrane (hollow fiber) separation technology, and able to effectively expel harmful substances in water such as sludge, rust, suspension, colloid, bacteria, virus and macromolecular organisms.
Stainless Steel Indoor Master Filter

To remove suspended solids soluble geavy metals & solube ammonium Removes Chiorine
Bad taste Repulsive Smell Turbidity & Organic Matters

Size: 10x 50 cm.
Capacity: 200 Litre/hrs.

The pufifier is made of stainless steel and consists of two strong and durable pipes.It is perfect to resist the water pressure. The filter uses activated carbon and zeolite, which is good for tap-water. Equipped with 3-litre/per pipe, it removes odor, color, chlorine, lime-stone and other hardness scales.

Stainless Steel Indoor Master Filter